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Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III: Spring Song Review By Anime Girl

Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III: Spring Song is the final movie in a trilogy from the Fate/night series. The main character, Sakura Matou has returned to her home. She fused with the shadow after killing Shinji, her brother, as he attempted to rape her.

Shirou Emiya later finds their brother’s corpse. He encounters Zouken Matou, who makes fun of him for his role in Sakura’s problems. He is instead saved from Zouken by Rider. Zouken sends fused Sakura to kidnap Illyaviel so she can become an instrument of the Holy Grail as her mother was.

She attacks the Emiya household with the summonable heroic warrior Saber, who helps defeat her sister Rin Tohsaka. Illya surrenders. Illya has pledged to protect Shirou by Sakura’s final wish. Rider does not wish to fight Sakura directly. Shirou does not want to, but asks Kirei Kotomine for help.

Kirei engages Zouken while trying to raid the ruined Einzbern castle. Shirou rescues Illya, though Sakura sends a now also shadowed Berserker to chase them. Shirou, knowing that it will end in his destriuction, unseals Archer’s left arm which recreates the Berserker’s own weapon. He uses Archer’s own magic to do this. Shirou and Archer succeed, and the now normal Berserker asks Shirou to ensure Illya’s safety, before dying.

Kirei destroyed Zouken’s body to drive off the Assassin. He wonders why he is the only one who seems happy in his quest for the Grail while others suffer for the purpose. Sakura then confronts Kirei and destroys his fake heart from the last Holy Grail war. She fails to kill him when he accidentally absorbs the pain from Berserker’s spirit and is forced to retreat


Shirou leaves Kirei for dead. Shirou asks Illya and Rin how to stop Sakura. Illya suggests using the weapon called Magus, which is a jeweled sword called Zelretch. Rin and Illya show Shirou the Tohsaka. Einzbern and Makiri family’s recorded memories to copy Zelretch’s sword, which also showed how the Holy Grail was created. The purpose was to reach the root of all knowledge.

Archer’s arm continues to hurt Shirou while recreating the Jeweled Sword, which erodes his memories. He has an issue, as swords begin to develop in his body. Zouken then plants to make Sakura into his new instrument. He reveals his real body is a worm who is near Sakura’s heart. Sakura retalities and absords Assassin with the Shadow she is bound to, then rips Zouken out of her chest and crushes him.

Later, Shirou makes Rider believe he will save Sakura, which secures her help along with Rin’s help. The group head to Fuyuki Cave, where they believe they will find the Holy Grait. Saber doesn’t let them in, and only allows Rin to pass based on Sakura’s wishes. The rest of the group attempts to make an opening. Rider tries to stop Saber. Rin then fights Sakura with the Jeweled Sword to match Sakura’s shadow powers. Sakura accuses Rin of abandoning her to her parent, Matou’s, terrible childhood. Rin almost sacrifices the sword to kill Sakura, but ultimately decides to let Rin live. Rin is injured but embraces Sakura, then admits she loves her sister and feels terrible for never attempting to save her from Matou.

Sakura then purges the Shadow control long enough for Shirou to reach her and sever her link to it. The Holy Grain remains corrupted by the evil entity of Angra Mainyu, who had used Sakura’s shadow as an avatar. Rider removes Rin and Sakura while Shirou attempts to stop Angra Mainyu from being reborn.

Kirei takes interest in the rebirth and fights Shirou because they believe Angra’s rebrith may show purpose for his life. Kirei is eventually killed. Shirou is prepared to destroy the grail at the expense of his life. Instead, Illyea appears saying she protect her brother. She sacrifices herself to invoke the Heaven’s Feel ritual instead of Shirou. Illyea reunites with her mother’s spirit before passing on.

The story has two possible endings. If Shirou uses the sword to destroy the Grail, he will die in what amounts to Sakura’s normal ending. Sakura would wait forever at the his parent’s house waiting for Shirou. She would die of old age. Having two endings is a somewhat common way to end an anime series. One good ending can be what the audience wants and the true ending can be based on the reality of the show. In video games, this is commonly the result of taking different paths to complete the game that could end with different endings and motiviations for the same story.

Ilya’s intervening would close the gate and keep Shirou alive. Sakura would end up living with Shirou and Rider.  Some consider the second ending to be superior in terms of what the characters would wnat.

Sakura Matou

Sakura is shy and soft spoken. She is eager to please except when it conflicts with her ideals. She is also fairly stubborn.

She endured five less years of abuse by the Matou’s than her brother Shinji. Sakura and Shinji were brought up to the strict standards Zouken, who requested one of Tokiomi’s daughters to become the heir of his family.  Sakura was a Tohsaka before. She actually has a sister named Rin, but in the family’s tradition only one daughter is taught the family’s powers.

Sakura has endured Zouen’s magecraft training, which is said to be brutal. Shirou notices that Sakura is suffering after Sakura morphs into the enemy they will later name the Shadow. The Shadow causes her to take on a devilish, mean spirited personality.

Sakura ends up murdering Shinji. Shini attempts to blackmail her into sex by threatening to tell Shirou of his history of raping her. Sakura feels more strongly about Shirou, clearly.

One of Sakura’s objectives throughout the series is to find her grandfather to force him into killing her to protect Shirou. She sees Shirou as family though she has a huge crush on him. After Shirou’s father died, Sakura would visit Shirou’s home to help him with chores.

Sakura is the true master of Rider, a female servant. Rider is taken from her because she won’t fight Shirou. rider instead belongs to her brother Shinji.

In the end, Sakura is saved by Rin as they attempt to find and destroy the Holy Grail. Rin has the opportunity to destroy Sakura with the sword, but they embrace instead. Rin feels terrible for never putting effort into saving Sakura from the Matou family. Rin instead enjoyed a mostly normal upbringing.

Sakura survives in part because of her desire to be with Shirou as a safe, secure place to be during her upbringing.

Rin Tohsaka

Rin is Sakura’s biological sister. Sakura was accepted to another home to be the heir of a dangerous magic teaching’s of an elder.

Rin is serious and competitive. She comes across at school as a good honour student, but she studies hard to prevent others from asking her too many questions. She can be stingy and bossy in private. She can be cold and rational.

Rin believes that Sakura needs to die to prevent the Shadow from killing more people. While Rin fights Zakura with the Jeweled Sword, she has to admit to her how she really feels, and how sorry she is for not attempting to rescue Sakura. They do reconcile in both the Normal and True endings.

Her cold, rational side goes away with Sakura once she realizes she could have done more to save her. She also has a number of opportunities to kill Shirou, which her servant Archer has bothered her about, but she doesn’t want to because she owes him a debt.


Rider is the servant of Sakura during the fifth Holy Grail war. She becomes Shinji’s servant because Sakura won’t become enemies with Shirou.

Rider has light magenta hear and wears a blindfold which looks like a magenta visor. She often wears a short black dress and black legging with magenta armor. When not in battle, she wears a black turtleneck and dark pants.

Rider’s personality is that of a servant – she is silent and vigilant. She never hesistated to protect either Sakura or Shinji. She wants to project Sakura after Shinji’s death as well.

In Heaven’ Feel, she assists Shirou once she is free of Shinji. She helps Shirou fight against the Saber alter and the shadow’s entity.


Shirou’s parents died when he was young, and he came adopted. Sakura helped him with chores, and also likely to escape her own adopted family.

Shirou has a feeling of emptiness after losing his family. He is the sole survivor. He enjoys helping people with no reward, He is also willing to give his life and risk injury for others.

Sakura has strong feelings for Shirou, likely for his selflessness and because she is similar to him in losing family.

Shirou can be very stubborn and continue to pursue causes that even cause him problems. Some feel that Rin and Sakura are attracted to Shirou because he is both a stubborn go getter and cares enough about others to be selfless. In the end, Shirou lives with Rin and Sakura in the second, true ending to the story.



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