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Part 3 of Kizumonogatari (Wound Tale) trilogy, based on a light novel by Nisio Isin Review by Amy

Kizumonogatai Part 3 is the final part of the Kizuoonogatai movie trilogy. In previous stores, Koyomi has hunted down three vampires hunters that dismembered Kiss-Shot. She retrieved her limbs to return Kiss-shot to normal.  Kiss-Shot is a powerful immortal vampire and might be unpredictable.

Koyomi and Meme do succeed in restoring the vampire Kiss-shot.  Koyomo expects that Kiss-Shot will be able to restore him to being human again.

Kiss-Shot is on the rooftop talking about Kiss-Shot’s previous servant. Kiss-Shot’s previous servant died of suicide because Kiss-Shot was unable to restore them to be a human. Koyomi has reservations about being a vampire and a human. His only chance at becoming a human again is through Kiss-Shot. Koyomi

Koyomi leaves to buy food. He comes back to see Kiss-shot eating the corpse of the Guillotine Cutter. Koyomi realizes that Kiss-shot will now be hunting humans again, and that Koyomi will probably want to hunt too.

Koyomi becomes horrified. He wanted to be a hero and has brought an immoral vampire back to life. He begins to consider killing himself for bringing a bloodthirsty vampire back and feast on humans.

Hanekawa has an idea. As the person who brought Kiss-Shot back to life, Koyomo might be the only one who can defeat her. Koyomo has grown accustomed to being a vampire himself. Hanekawa encourages Koyomi to be prepared to fight Kiss-Shot. Kiss-Shot must be kept from eating humans.

Kiss-Shot and Koyomi have their final fight at Tokyo Olympic Stadium. Given they are both vampires, they are capable of regenerating limbs. The scene is quite bloody and crazy. The vampires are capable of tearing each others heads and limbs off repeatedly.

Koyomi begins to understand that tearing limbs off won’t help. As a vampire himself, he must bite and suck Kiss-Shot’s blood. Tsubasa, who is watching, realizes that Kiss-Shot wants to die. Kiss-Shot then admits that she was going to find a way to throw the fight.

Kiss-Shot reveals she has to die to restore her first servant’s humanity. She was too afraid of her own death to complete the process. Kiss-Shot demands that Koyomi kill her.

Koyomi instead asks for Meme Oshino’s help. Meme suggests that Koyomi suck Kiss-Shot’s blood to the point where she is too weak to hunt and kill humans. They will both become semi human and semi vampire.

Kiss-Shot isn’t very excited about this, desiring death inside. Koyomi wants to be fully human, but does it anyway. Kiss-Shot returns to a child form and can eat by sucking on Koyomo’s blood. Her name is now Shinobu.

The series is quite brutal. Kiss-Shot is shown eating the face of severed head with little thought. The fight scene between Kiss-Shot and Koyomi is wonderfully weird with both sides slashing each other to bits. They simply regenerated since they are vampires.

Hanekawa and Koyomi return to high school after the fight is over. Hanekawa has changed Koyomi’s attitude a bit. They both seem more open to each other as during the fight, Hanekawa seemed to understand what Koyomi actually wanted.


Kiss-Shot is a vampire as transformed by Suicide-Master. Kiss-Shot stayed with Suicide-Master while trying to cure herself from a big issue. When people saw her previous iteration, Princess Beauty, they would kill themselves at the sight of her beautiful heart. She became a vampire to at least eat the corpses of the people who killed themselves because of her.

Kiss-Shot has a much longer name – Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade.

Kiss-Shot is actually hundreds of years old and has grown tired of being a vampire. As seen in her final fight, she wishes for death but also fears death. Her fear of death is why she doesn’t fully restore her first servant to human.

Kiss-Shot becomes complicated. She became a vampire to help those who died from a problem that wasn’t hers. She instead wants to die, and seems aware that she can’t easily kill Koyomi and he can’t readily kill her. She doesn’t communicate her desire to die, probably out of fear.

Kiss-shot turns into Shinobu, an 8 year old who no longer speaks much, possibly out of a grudge against not being killed.

Her life seems largely ruled by fear. She naturally fears causing death as Princess Beauty. She fears what happens to the dead she has killed. She fears being immortal as a vampire who needs blood to survive. She also fears death so she can help Koyomi return to being a human again instead of a vampire. She is quite conflicted.

She has two different appearches. Kiss-Shot starts as a younger women in her 20s wearing a large red and black dress. Having her body parts stolen causes her to age. She has also been seen as an adolescent girl with a ponytail wearing mostly black. Her final form on the show is a young girl with long blond hair and pointy fangs and ears.

Her appearance is transformable by drinking more blood.

Meme Oshino

Meme reinforces balance. He works with oddities like vampires on a regular basis and helps resolve their problems.

He makes the suggestion to Kiss-Shot and Koyomi. He suggests that Koyomi steals Kiss-Shot’s life to keep her weak enough to not want blood. The result probably isn’t ideal for either Koyomi or Kiss-Shot. He may have seen the idea as low risk and balanced because his worldview makes him want less death.

Meme actually produces a somewhat miserable outcome for both. His actions before and during the fight are less than helpful. He is one that helped steal Kiss-Shot’s heart and required her reassembly to help Koyomi.

Meme’s personality is laid back. He doesn’t fight, but analyzes everyone else’s role in the fight as well as the outcome. He reminds a character earlier int he series not to kill another because their transformation is dependent upon their life. He clearly knows vampires and the supernatural well, but waits for the result to be nearly out of control before helping.

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa is a teenage girl with glasses and black hair. Tsubasa is soft spoken and almost always nice and kind. She is a top student and knows much about her studies.

Hanekawa heard about vampires but remained skeptical. She first meets Koyomi in high school. A gust of wind blows her skirt up revealing her underwear. They both take it humorously and seem to make an immediate connection. Tsubasa notices that Koyomi has no friends, though he doesn’t think he needs them. She says he accidentally made a friend and gives him her phone number.

He is a vampire by their next meeting. She watches him fight as a vampire and tries to help. He also ends up saving her from danger as well.

Tsubasa shows how caring she is when she talked Koyomi out of killing himself. He has revived an immortal vampire. Through her studies, she also knows that he can become human again by killing his master.

In the same scene, Koyomi feels sexual tension and feels Tsubasa’s breasts. He gives her a back massage instead of going further.

Tsubasa’s knowledge conflicts with Meme’s. She knows what the characters actually want, and her though to have Koyomi kill Kiss-Shot is more in line with what the characters actually want.

They end up in the same class for the third year of high school and their romantic intentions become more clear.

Tsubasa is just a helpful person. She is kind and willing to help, even when not expected or repaid. She becomes quite flirtatious. Perhaps she has noticed he was alone and might be the only person who can break his shell.


Koyomi is laid back and relaxed. He chose to be anti social in high school. He felt having friends would lower his integrity as a human.

He disagrees with the majority quite often. He belives that the truth can be supported by many people believing the wrong thing. He doesn’t want to be ruled by a majority. He prefers isolation and loneliness.

He is quite the opposite of his eventual love interest in Hanekawa. During their first meeting, he accidentally sees her panties. He is later full of lustful thoughts and goes to buy a porn magazine. This is early in the series where he initially encounters Kiss-Shot.

Hanekawa doesn’t know this. She shows pursuit and caring compared to his distance. He is driven to her because she is helpful to him and becomes a friend.

Koyomi is distant but has feelings. Tsubasa must talk him out of killing himself for bringing back a monster for his own gain. He ends up not wanting to kill Kiss-Shot despite her own wishes to die, and his initial feelings of guilt. He is willing to compromise and not fully cure himself. This is counter to his initial knowledge and motivations. He also knows from Tsubasa that Kiss-Shot’s death is his only complete chance at normality and her own desire.

He takes the risk and she turns her into a child. We don’t know how she feels about this because she refuses to speak. She may hold a grudge and isn’t happy with the result.

Through the episode and series, Koyomi changes a bit. He seems less interested in death with the opportunity to change two lives. He doesn’t seem to avoid killing her out of punishment. In reality, he has taken the majority approach without realizing it, even though his own love interest implied the opposite.  He takes the higher risk and does nothing, also requiring her to feed off him for survival.


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