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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai Review by Amy

The show starts with Azusagawa, a second year high school student going to the library. He stumbles upon a Bunny Girl. Her name is Mai Sakurajima and She is actually an actress on vacation who is also a senior at his school. No one else seems to notice or see this girl. Mai does realize that she can only be seen by Azus.

Azus has what he later discovers is Adolescent Syndrome. For some reason he is able to see Mai though she intends to be out of the spotlight. He can see her when she dresses normally too.

Sakuta attempts to learn the cause of Adolescent syndrome. He also ends up talking Mai into a date. When headed to see Mai, he tries to help a lost young lady find their way to a station. His intentions are misunderstood as romantic and perverted by another girl and he ends up late. Mai forgives him for being late. Mai decides instead to go to Shichirigahama Beach.

Both Sakuta and Mai realize that Mai’s invisibility is growing. Her mother is forgetting who she is. They both ask numerous people who she is and no one seems to know. The pair return to school to ask others if they remember Mai. No one remembers Mai.

Sakuta then hears a theory about how the loss of Mai’s memory is caused by certain actions. Sakuta attempts to be certain not to lose his own memories of her. He tries to stay awake by making a journal and drinking energy drinks. Mai concerned for his health slips a sleeping pill into a drink. Sakuta than loses all memory of Mai.

Sakuta does remember Mai again after reading a question on an exam that’s the same Mai helped him study. He attempts to make everyone else remember Mai by screaming her name and his love for her outside the school.

Mai and Sakuta resolve adolescence syndrome and return to normal life for a while. She accepts a new job with a drama fil coming up and will have to leave. Sakuta than encounters a strange phenonomen where everything is the same way every day.. Sakuta asks Rio for her help and they discover his problem is the principles of Laplace’s demon – where matter can be predicted for the future.

Later, as mot of their lives are peaceful, Sakuta’s first love suddenly reappears. He learns that she is suffering from a heart disease and requires a transplant. Since he was her first love, Sakuta learns that he is somehow connected to her heart issue.

The story reveals two Shokos – an adult and a young woman. Adult Shoko was saved by Sakuta’s heart transplant after he had a fatal traffic accident on Christmas Eve. Shoko came back to save Sakuta’s life. Against Mai’s wishes, Sakuta sacrifices himself so that Shoko can continue living.

When Sakuta is nearly run over, Mai pushes him aside and is killed instead. Sakuts is shocked. Adult Shoko helps him by telling him that he can return tho the past and rewrite history. He must however, give up being adult Shoko.

Sakuta quickly decides to return to the past and save Mai. sakuta does return to the past and stops Mai fro sacrificing herself, but removes Shoko’s chance for a heart transplant. She is still ill. Sakuta then works with Mai to find a way to save Shoko, who is now dying. He also understands that continuing involves risking everything that has happened so far. Shoko and Sakuta agree to find each other in the future instead.

To make everyone happier, at least to her, Shoko decides to create a new future. This future involves her and Sakuta never meeting so they will never be sad about the situation.

Shoko reverts to the past and is in fourth grade. She writes her future hopes, which removes her memory of Sakuta and Mai.

The group does meet later on a beach. Shoko is a young, healthy girl who is no longer sick and they gradually recognize each other.

The show ends about as happily as it can. Shoko has a healthy heart and a new chance at life. Mai and Sakuta remain in love after realizing that each other are willing to sacrifice for one another.


Mai is an attractive young woman with waist-length black hair and a bunny shaped barrette – hence she is a bunny girl.

Mai is fairly serious, an is more serious about Sakuta. She is easily annoyed when Sakuta is violent or does something weird. She steps Sakuta from saying or doing lewd things but pinching, slapping, or stomping on his foot.

She is overall sensitive and polite. She especially likes Kaede, Sakuta’s sister.

Sakuts used to be very anxious about being forgotten. Adolescent syndrome made her feel invisible, in part because she was. She did not want to be forgotten entirely. Instead, as an actress, she started with another agency. She grew up as a model for television. She did not actually like being a model and felt her mother used her for easy money.

She learns that Puberty Syndome is actually caused by her being the odd one out – no one wants to associate with her because she is in and out of school. Students wanted to isolate her and she wanted to be isolated, so no one noticed her.

Mai sacrifices herself in the series to save Sakuta from being killed by a car. Sakuta is still able to save her and chooses Mai over Shoko for a long life. Shoko’s illness helps decided this.

Shoko Makinohara

Shoko makes a couple appearances in the series. In middle school, she is a short young girl with black hair and bangs. She usually wears a white and blue middle school uniform.

Shoko was born unhealthy. She is hospitalized frequently beginning early. Early on Shoko, is in school and is asked to write about her future hopes. She writes very little because she doesn’t have much hope for the future.

In the story, Shoko is revealed to have met Sakuta while taking care of a stray cat. She would visit Sakuta to check on the cat. The two try to stay in touch but she has health issues which keeps them separated.

Shoko disappears to Sakuta. His first love is gone. Mai and Sakuta do eventually find Shoko, though she is very sick in the hospital. She receives Sakuta’s heart transplant after his death.

Shoko remains fond of Sakuta in general, though Sakuta and Mai are in a relationship and find Shoko’s reappearance strange. They wonder how she came back as an adult.

Shoko ends up sacrificing herself to save Mai and Sakuta’s relationship. She creates a new future in which she can become a healthy young girl with the heart transplant. It’s not clear if Mai and Sakuta necessarily like the idea of Shoko giving herself up, but is she is healthier, they go with it.

In the end, Shoko is in fourth grade and writing the letter to her future self. She has much more to write about this time, with a healthy heart – she has life ahead of her.

Shoko is compassionate and a very nice person. She is more a victim of her own health. She helped Sakuta and his sister with the trials of Puberty syndrome and adopts a cat out of the rain.

Shoko is willing to sacrifice herself and any progress she has made as a person for Mai and Sakuta’s happiness. She also has the advantage of having one of their hearts, so she can grow up happier and healthier. She would rather grow up healither than interfere with a budding relationship.


Sakuta has three claw marks that go across his chest which come from Puberty Syndrome. Sakuta introduces the idea of the syndrome, which affects people differently. Sakuta, for example, can see Mai.

Sakuta is a bit anti social. He says whatever comes to his mind, which results in Mai scolding him often. He is calmn and does attempt to help others understand their own Puberty Syndrome.

Mai actually asks Sakuta to forgot when he first sees her. She prefers to be alone at the time. He does not forget her at all. He learns of Puberty Syndome Rio Futaba at the library. He learns that the impact on Mai is that if she doesn’t want people around her to notice her, the memory of her will fade, and could go away completely.

Sakuta can be dense. He one time tells her she could return to acting, which she did not like hearing at all. Mai slaps him and thinks he is exploiting her as a product, like her mother did. Mai was not aware that Sakuta knew of her hiatus from acting and thought he was treating her like her mother.

Rio Futaba

Rio’s biggest contribution to the story is explaining Pubety Syndrome to Akuta. She is stoic and blunt, and very smart at many part of science including psychology and physics. She doesn’t believe in the syndome initially, but recognizes that strange things are happening to her friends.

She does show affection to Yuuma, as well as anxiety. She was left along a lot as a kid, so she buried herself in schoolwork. She feels like an outcast, just like Sakura, which is why she approaches him about Mai.

She also has some issues with her boy. She grew up earlier than most girls. She received too much attention and felt terrible and filthy as a result


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