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Violet Evergarden: The Movie Review by Amy

Violet Evergarden is an orphan and a child soldier. Dietfried Bougainvillea and his comrades found her on a deserted island. When his comrades attempted to rape her, she promptly killed most of them. Through some serious training, she comes a soldier in the Great War. Violet lost friends and her arms in the conflict. She was told by a love interesting that he was in love with her right before he died of his wounds.

Much of the story of Violet Evergarden revolves around her reintegration into society. Having lost her main love interest, Gilbert, of wounds in the war, she is beginning to seek the meaning of love.

She begins work at a small company that composes letters of heartfelt value for clients. The small company also cmploys “Automatic Memory Dolls” which make letters to express client feelings. The memory dolls are first told the client’s feelings and must translate them into words. The requirements are reasonably fast typing speeds and the ability to decipher and word a client’s true feelings.

Violet wants to become a memory doll in part to understand what Gilbert said to her. She wants

Violent doesn’t feel qualified to be a Memory Doll. She can type well, but she cannot express feelings and interprets feelings quite literally. She is a soldier who thinks in direct orders. She’s not accustomed to using her feelings. Violet is a quick worker, but needs to work on being more emotionally open and writing with her heart.

Violet does begin to help customers. She enrages her first female client and the recipient. A coworker, Erica, confronts Violet about her motivations. She simply says she wants to understand the meaning of the words, “I love you.” She is nearly fired that day, but instead her boss gives her a new uniform with a brooch Gilbert originally gave to her.  She is overjoyed by the memory of Gilbert. She agrees to attend Doll training. Her boss, Hodgins, used to know Gilbert and understands her pain.

At the memory doll school, she meets Luculia Marlborough. The instructor is not impressed by Violet’s writing skills when they are tested on each other. Luculia informs Violet that her brother was crippled in the war and become an alcoholic. Violet doesn’t pass the class while Luculia graduates easily. They meet again and Luculia writes a letter for Gilbert. Luculia tells Violet about her brother and his issues, and how he feels badly for not protecting his now deceased parents.

Violent writes a letter based on the story Luculia tells.

The instructor sees the letter and allows Violet to graduate because she has learned to write with feelings. Lucuila helps her brother climb the bell tower to show her brother the same view they had as kids.

One of Violet’s coworker, Iris, receives a request from her hometown to write a letter. She accidentally injures her hand and Violet is sent with to assist her. Violet learns that Iris’s mother was the one who sent the request. She wanted Iris to come back to celebrate her birthday. Iris is not happy when she learns that her mom is throwing the party to find her a suitor.

Violet writes invitations. She sends one to someone Iris specifically requested not be present. He appears at the party and Violet learns he is a past crush of hers. His rejection is why she become a doll.

Violent is sent to the Kingdom of Drossel to write for the military. The Princess of Charlotte wants to write love letters to Prince Damian of Flugel. The two sides were previously enemies in the war. They are arranging a marriage. Violet’s letter impresses Damiam who responds though Charlotte is not impressed by his. Rather than having two dolls write back and forth, she has them write their own letters.

The two write heated and passionate letters back and forth. When the two meet, they do marry. In this episode, Violet encounter’s Gilbert brother Dietfried who is shocked she is  a doll. He knows she skilled countless people.

She is then sent to the Shaher Astronomical Headquarters to help scholars copy rare books. Leon becomes her partner though he doesn’t like her or Dolls. He becomes impressed at her speed and softens up. He invites her to see a comet only seen once every 200 years. She learns that his father went on an expedition and never returned. His mother than searched for father and didn’t come back either. He realized that she is in love with Gilbert. He later decides to  leave the observatory to find his parents.

Violet then gets to assist a famous writer, Oscar Webster with his play. He is a drunk loner. He needs help writing a play that’s really about his dead daughter, Olivia. They share stories of loss and love. Violet woders how many happy endings and love stories her history in war prevented. She learns in this episode that Gilbert is likely dead though his body was not found. She runs to the post office in distress.

She heads to the military headquarters to confront Dietfried about Gilbert’s fate. She find’s his grave at Gilbert’s home. She learns she was forced onto the front lines because of her fighting abilities. Gilbert actually named the orphaned Violet and taught her to read and write. Gilbert was shot sending a signal for a main force to attack.

Violet returns to the battle site to find Gilbert. Hodgins then shows up and tells her that Gilbert wanted him to help her if anything happened. Violet can’t write and tries to kill herself but fails. Violet does return to work. She asks Hodgins if her soldier work can be undone. He says no, but she can create good deeds for other’s loved ones.

She begins to work again and hears that a soldier in battle is asking for love letters. The company is not willing to send a writer into battle but Violet steals the letter and finds the soldier. The soldier come under attack but manages to explain what he wants written. He dies in the attack. She visits his hometown to deliver his letter.

Violet ends up protecting Dietfriend from a grenade attack while enjoying to sign a peace treaty that ends the war. Cattelya suggests that Violet write a letter that will be dropped from airplanes during an event that drops letter. Violet visits Dietfried’s mother at the invite of Dietfriend. She assures Violet she doesn’t blame her for Gilbert’s death.

Violet finally pens a letter to Gilbert. She says she will keep waiting or him and that she finally understands the words I love you.

The series largely offers an exploration into rejoining society with a violent past. With Hodgins and the Poster Company, we see how people can find their emotions and help others express them. Most every episode shows Violet overcoming her own issues, exploring other people’s emotions, and lifting herself out of dread. She has killed many people, but she can do something positive to overcome her past.

Some rumors have circulated that Gilbert is still alive. He lied about his death and has Hodgins covering for him while he continues life in the military. He wants Violet to go on with her life instead of being his “tool.”


Violet is almost doll like. She is an attractive young woman with light blue eyes and a slender frame. She grew up in the army and was treated as a tool for killing. She did not understand human feelings well and took orders literally.

Violet did not experience the concept of love in part because she never experienced it. Until she met Gilbert. He took care of her and taught her how to be more human.

Initially, Violet doesn’t understand feelings and lacks tact. She is polite and deliberate but is seen as insensitive.

The experience of becoming a Doll shapes her. She has to understand other humans to better integrate with society. Being exposed to positive and negative emotions is a good way to start. Through writing for others and coping with Gilber’s death, she becomes much more human. She is able to express herself and express others feelings for each other.


Gilbert is a stoic military member. Gilbert treated Violet with kindness and taught her to how function properly after she joined the military. He is also one of the first people to ever offer Violet kindness, considering that she was abandoned and treated poorly.

Gilbert was ordered by the military to treat Violet as a tool of the military. He could not do so to the extent they wanted. He was forced to put her in the front line where she could see the most action and kill the most people, a decision he and her would later regret.

Claudia Hodgins

Claudia Hodgins was a good friend of Gilbert in the military. Hodgins is the owner of the CH Postal Company where Violet and her colleagues work. Hodgins is a good looking man with a chiseled face. He’s well liked by most for hsi kind consideration. He also knew both Gilbert and Violet in the army, but only knew Violet from the final battle.

Gilbert trusted Hodgins so much he instructed him to take care of Violet if anything happened to him. Hodgins has indeed taken care of her, and provided a job that opened up her emotional availability and made her happier.

Hodgins is also an optimistic man. He wishes to have a family and especially a daughter. He has written a letter to his future daughter, expressing hope and pride in her future.


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