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Shingeki no Kyojin Review by Anime Girl

Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan, starts in the past. Enormous humanoid creatures have been feasting on humans for centuries. Humans are almost extinct. They have learned to built enormous walls and gates in hopes of keeping the monsters out.

Humans name these monsters Titans. The Titans behave in a way that tells humans that Titans don’t eat them for nourishment, but for sport.

Attack on Titan starts with an introduction to humans and their problems with Titans. The story moves to the  Shinganshina District. After one hundred years of peace, an enormous titan is breaking through the protective walls. The story reveals Eren as the main character. His family flees during a Titan attack. His mother finds herself trapped under rubble and while the rest of his family runs away a smiling Titan devours her.

A titan eats Eren too. He becomes one, but fights so hard that he forces his way out of the Titans stomach. He then launches an attack on other Titans.

To fight back, Eren and main characters Armin and Mikasa join the Scout Regiment. Among the people they meet while training for the Scout Regiment is Annie. Annie has exceptional sword skills and is outstanding in unarmed combat too.

Later, Annie reveals herself to be capable of becoming a titan. Eren confronts her using his own monsterous form and beats her. He attempts to eat Annie, but she is instead locked up by the Scout Regiment. In the process, they learn that some Titans are underground, inside one of the walled cities.

In the second season, the Beast Titan attacks. The Beast Titan is animal like. He has immense strength and accurate throwing ability. The Beast Titan’s throwing abilities make him especially dangerous to the Survey Corps. He hurls rocks at them.

Season 2 introduces politics to the show. Christa Lentz. Lentz’ real name is Historia. Historis is the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss, who is the king of Eldia. The second season also reveals that leaders Reiner and Bertholdt are the Armored and Colossal titans.

As the Scout Corps fight Reiner’s Armored Titan, Eren finds himself in front of a familiar for. The Smiling Titan. In his rage, Eren unlocks a mysterious ability called the Founding Titan. He can control the actions of Titans around him. He makes other Titans eat the Smiling Titan.

Season 3 reveals some family history. A repressed memory emerges and reveals that Eren’s father, Grisha, turned him into a Titan when he was very young. Eren promptly ate Grisha. The Beast Titan is also learned to be Zeke Jaeger, Eren’s half brother, who was also turned into a Titan by Grisha.

The plot thickens with Grishia. Using memories of an army drill instructor, they learn that Grisha came from outside the walls.

The team learns that Titans are humans with Titan form. This is clear once they realize that many of their friends are actually titans currently showing as humans.

The third season also begins to plot Historia’s attempt with Commander Erwin to make her the rightful heir of the throne. Flashbacks also show that the advanced kingdom of Marley is the villain of the series. Marley used Titans on Paradis Island after being oppressed by the Eldian kingdom.

They also learn the first Reiss king had Founding Titan ability and controlled many of them.

During season 3, Eren has learned a few ability to harden and connect objects. They came in handy with the kind of Reiss destroyed a cave they were hiding in after using Titan serum.

Season 4 starts with the Survey Corps attempting to use a new weapon to fix Wall Maria with Eren’s hardening ability. An army of Titans are waiting, including Beast, Armoured, a new titan called Mule, along with many others.

The Titans captured one of the commanders but they manage to kill one titan and capture others.

The Survey corps and Eren eventually find the basement in which he was transformed into a Titan. They find some books and a photograph. In a tale described as a myth, Grisha grew up in a ghetto on Marley and belongs to the Eldian kingdom. An Eldian made a deal with the devil that granted them the ability to become Titans with the right serum. Most of the mythology and history of Titans and governments are revealed here.

In what amounts to detailed history, the Eldian King sailed to Paradis Island and created three huge walls. He then erased the memory of his citizens so they could live in peace instead of remembering the wars they faced. Following some deep discussion of conflicts and history, the show returns to the present day.

The story does go on and is confirmed to end in April of 2021. Much speculation has people wondering if Eren is the “devil himself”, what kinds of new Titans are going to show up, including a flying Titan, and how the authors and producers will decide to end the story.

Annie Leonhart

Annie is both a human and an intelligent titan. Annie’s father raises her in a selfish manner. Her purpose is to become a warrior for a purpose that will lead to great wealth for the family.  Her father is a strict trainer and yells at Annie during training.

Annie is quiet and often a loner, due mostly to be upbringing. She displays few emotions with a touch of a sarcastic, mocking sense of humor.

Annie does have a helpful side and is also willing to kill for a mission. She offers to train Eren in her fighting style. After her upbringing, her biggest motivation is to have a normal life.

She finds herself confined at one point, and becomes a different person afterward. She is more open to working with others to stop the later sinister Eren.

Annie did kill the two Titans captured early in the story for research. She also unleashes her inner inherited female titan in the story. She shows emotion as a helpful Titan later on when she loses Eren in a forest.

Annie is a very strong fighter, thanks in part to her early training. She ranks in the top five in her class and would do better if more self motivated.

Historia Reiss

Historia is the daughter of nobleman Rod Reiss. She enters military training as Christa Lentz as others do not want her claiming her royal heritage. Her petite frame, long blond hair, and heart shaped face earned her plenty of admiration at the academy too.

She did well in the academy, finishing in the top 10 thanks to her abilities with blades. Her small stature prevented her from doing especially well in physical combat. Her relationship with one of the academy leaders may have also led to a higher rank.

Historia grew up sheltered and expresses a simple desire to be liked. She is very shy and can be socially awkward, likely the result of her upbringing. Growing up, her mother ignored her and her father did not recognize her a as daughter. Historia may be running away from the thought that she was a mistake as the unknown child of a noble.

She attempts to help drag a wounded friend from the cold, and without additional help likely would have died herself.

She develops a less shy personality as she faces and kills her father, Rod Reiss, when he becomes a titan.

Historia does rightfully rise to the queen of Shiganshina. She attends a ceremony to honor the Scout Regiment. She offers them awards for their heroism. She then lets the military make their own decisions about how to proceed in the future.

Frieda Reiss

Frieda is Historia’s legitimate sister. Friedo acted as Historia’s mom after Historia realizes her mother’s relationship was not normal.

Frieda had the right personality to be her sister’s helper. Her kind and caring nature made her right for a person without a real mother.

Frieda has both Titan powers and inherited memories of the world with Titans that most don’t have. As a result, one of her goals is to help Historia grow up with a good heart. She reads her sister books and encourages her to become like the good heroine presented in the book. Eager to please, Historia promises to be like the heroine and does emulate the heroine well.

When Frieda leaves Historia, she erases her memories to keep her from knowing of a time of Titans.

A Titan attack kills Frieda though her memory lives on through the family’s inherited memories.

Frieda was a founding Titan, but didn’t know how to use the ability. She was able to eventually manipulate the memories of those around her using this ability.  When Frieda came a Founding Titan, she also inherited the thoughts and history of the First King. She became more depressed and despondent as a result.

Mikasa Ackermann

Mikasa’s parents were murdered by bandits. She grew up in the household of Eren with Grisha and Carla. Mikasa desired peace but joined Eren in the military.

Mikasa is highly protective of Armin and Eren and sees them as her only family. Mikasa is not overly emotional for anyone but Eren and Armin and weeps only at the idea of his harm or safety. While she has feelings for Eren she denies being in love with him.

As a fellow member of the Scout Regiment, she is almost ways in the fight with Eren. With her military training and omni directional gear, she is able to find off Titans with ease. She even fought the Female Titan, who killed many others, and survived both times.

Mikasa’s appearance is a tall, lean woman with well defined muscles and shorter black hair. She is most often seen wearing a military uniform since she joined the military with Eren. She usually wears the dark uniform with many belts and attachments to carry things of need.

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