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Clannad: After Story Review By Anime Girl

Clanned, After Story is the sequel to the original series Clanned. This one is going to begin after Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa graduate out of high school. Fans who loved to follow and watch the original anime series will find that this one has a lot of things to enjoy and can follow some of their favorite characters once again.

Throughout this new series, the two friends have to go through all of the emotions and hard work of growing up. Tomoya finds during this anime that it is hard to figure out what course he wants to take for his future. Through it all though, he learns how to have a strong work ethic and try out new things, while also relying on Nagisa’s support. Through the dedication the couple has for one another, and the unity of their purpose, they are able to push forward to confront many of their personal problems while also deepening the relationship they had in the first anime and creating new bonds.

Time is also moving on in what is known as the Illusionary World. The plains start to grow cold thanks to the approach of the winter. During this, Illusionary Girl and the Garbage Doll are then presented with a situation that is difficult that reveals the true purpose of the world. The decision that they have to make may change the course of many different things.

At the beginning of this story, life is continuing on for our main characters. It has been a few months from the original story when Tomoya professed his love for Nagisa. Now that they are entering into their second semester and learning how to handle life after high school, Tomoya continues to meet with many different people, which I found was a great way to open up his world view more than what we saw before.

Tomoya and Nagisa decide to continue on with their relationship and viewers are allowed to see them enter into a new level of intimacy that they did not have in the earlier parts of the series. Through this relationship and the new encounters that come up, Tomoya slowly starts to understand the importance of family more than before.

Unfortunately, as Tomoya and Nagisa start to have their own family together, they run into many hardships and challenges, just like any new family. Through the seasons, the two characters do get married and then Nagisa reveals that she is pregnant as well. As the pregnancy progresses, Nagisa finds that she needs to be bedridden and they have to struggle through this time as Nagisa seems to get worse.

Tomoya finds that he has to make a lot of complicated decisions throughout this anime as well. As he learns to take care of a child without the help of his wife, he has to go and lean on other members of his family to help raise his daughter, Ushio. Ushio has to spend much time living with her grandparents and learning from them as her father needs to go back to work to help support the family alone.

I liked seeing this anime and how the different characters were able to progress. We could pick up with some of our favorite characters and see what they were like after getting out of the confines of high school. There is a lot to love with this one, seeing the characters grow and mature, seeing them actually get married, and even looking on as they became parents and watched the new generation grow up. Things were not always perfect, but I think this is what made the series even better.

The Main Characters

There are a few main characters who spend their time in our story, helping to propel things forward and give us something to look forward to through each scene. Some of the main characters that come in this story include:

Tomoya Okazaki

Tomoya Okazaki is one of the main male protagonists of Clannad. He has a bad habit that is discovered right at the beginning of the series where he struggles to show up on time for school, skips classes during the day even though he is already there, and stays out late at night. Due to all of this, he is known as a delinquent right away and most know him as someone who is ready to defy authority.

He is friends with Kotumi Ichinose and Youhei Sunohara. As he makes it through his high school years, he is able to make other friends who we get to meet as well. Despite not showing up for school as much as he should, he has a knack for figuring out the solution to problems for his friends and seems to really care about the friendships that he makes. He is quite oblivious though to the fact that many girls at school are interested in him too.

The major story that shows up in Clannad is about how Tomoya learns about why it is so important to have friends and family around you and why they should be there to help you out. He also has a few different alternate timeline counterparts that will end up with him at different points in the anima.

During the anime, Tomoya lives with his father. His mother died in a car accident years before. The two do not get along and there are quite a few arguments that show up between the two. Things took a really bad turn for the two of them after Tomoya was injured by his father in one of those fights a few years before the anime starts, and this has made the two distant from one another.

Through this series, it seems like Tomoya has a lot of anger to his father. Some of the reasons are not revealed right away to us when we watch and while we understand that he does not get along with his father that well, we are left to try and figure it all out in the process as well. He was an interesting character though because he has a lot of different things to work through and learn about, and we get to see all of this happen throughout the anime series.

Nagisa Furukawa

Another main character that shows up in this series is Nagisa Furukawa. Nagisa is a main girl character in this story and you soon learn that she is the daughter of Sanea and Akio Funkawa. Although she starts the series out being in her senior year, she is also one year older than the other classmates. We soon find out through this that she had to repeat the third year of high school because she had gotten sick and that illness kept her away from school for nine months in that year.

During the series, Nagisa is able to meet Tomoya, which happens on the first day of that year. Nagisa is a timid person, perhaps fueled by all the time that she had to miss from school and being one of the oldest students still at the school. She also has a unique habit of saying the names of the foods that she plants to eat because it seems to motivate here.

One of the dreams that this character has is to re-establish the suspended Theater Club in the school. She talks about this goal a few times through the anime, but it never seems to happen. She has a lot of trouble with her self-confidence and it never happens because she can’t take the trouble.

I found that while this character was really sweet and nice, and she did help to bring home the message of friends and family being important to the main character, she was a little bit boring. It got tiring that she lacked so much in self-confidence that it was hard to go after her own goals and dreams. It would have been nice to see her step out of her shell a little bit and learn how to speak up, even once, throughout.

Ushio Okazaki

We also get to meet with Ushio Okazaki in this anime. Another girl main character shows up, giving us a slightly different perspective on how things will work within this story. In the anime, we find out that Ushio is considered a well-behaved and well-loved girl who has a lot of curiosity about the world around here. Even Tomoya notes that she is not good at acting in the way that other girls her age like to do.

For example, most girls who are the same age as Ushio will spend their time playing with dolls and using their imaginations. Ushio, on the other hand, will spend her time learning about robots and playing a game that seems similar to the American game of baseball. We find out through the anime that Ushio’s interests are influenced by her grandpa who teachers her to imitate some of the famous baseball players out there.

During the beginning of the series, we find that Ushio spends time, not with Tomoya but with the grandparents. During that time spent with the grandparents, she learns to love baseball just like her grandfather, along with learning strict discipline and how to behave without others seeing your weakness from the grandmother. This upbringing makes her different than her father Tomoya.

I found this character to be one of the more interesting out of the group. She had a lot of interests that were not typical to some of the other girls of the area. She liked to learn and what curious about the world. She even liked to spend some of her time hanging out with your grandpa and learning more about the game of baseball. I thought she was. A lot of fun because she had a similar background with Tomoya, but she spent her time finding things that she loved to do and standing out from the crowd more.

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