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Gintama’: Gintama Season 2 Review by Amy

Gintama follows two samurais and an alien girl in the world of Edo. It’s a hilarious adventure filled with samurais, ninjas, and space creatures. The three friends struggle to make ends meet while going on lively adventures together. It’s an entertaining series all about friendship, redemption, and exploration.

The series starts when Shinpachi Shimura returns to the Yorozuya, an odd-jobs shop run by Gintoki. Shinpachi returns from spring break to find that everybody has changed. People are acting differently, and his friends are not who they used to be. Shinpachi leaves and finds out his sister is pregnant, and he starts working at the local police force (the Shinsengumi).

When the Shinsengumi decide to attack the Yorozuya, Shinpachi learns that an invasion of parasite aliens has infected the city of Edo. The parasite aliens are destroying his friends and the Yorozuya. Shinpachi and his friend, Toshiro Hijikata, destroy the parasite aliens but are knocked out. Gintoki survives and is the last person without a parasite. After the fight, Shinpachi rejoins his friends at the Yorozuya.

After the three protagonists reunite, the show follows their hilarious and random adventures. There isn’t a main plot to follow, but each episode is different. The small stories are so funny and entertaining! Gintama has everything you could ever want in an anime series: comedy, adventure, friendship, and feelings.

There are many episodes that are lighthearted and full of jokes and funny accidents. While the three main protagonists go on many adventures, some of the episodes are just about them living at the Yorozuya.

One of my favorite episodes is when Gintoki is frustrated because the TV breaks. Sarutobi, who has a crush on Gintoki, tries to help him throw the TV away. However, he breaks her glasses and she begins to cry a lot. Gintoki feels bad and buys her a new pair of glasses – but Sarutobi’s new glasses are terrible. Gintoki gave her the cheapest pair he could find and even offers to fix her old glasses. Sarutobi is touched by Gintoki’s kindness and begins to tell him her feelings. Gintoki is annoyed and leaves her with her new glasses.

While Sarutobi is still in love with Gintoki, she does not realize that her new glasses are causing problems in her life. She accepts a dangerous mission but can’t see well and fails. People start to warn her that assassins will come after her if she can’t do anything right, but Sarutobi does not want to get rid of the glasses that Gintoki gave her. She is attacked by five Lethal Punishers and ends up in the hospital. Gintoki decides to take revenge and asks his friends for help.

The first assassin, Makura Masa, shows up and tries to kill Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura. Kagura is stronger than him and chases him away. The second assassin, T-Shirt Tatsu, targets Gintoki and Shinpachi. T-Shirt Tatsu is known for making his enemies wear shirts that are too tight for him. He attempts to trick Shinpachi, but Shinpachi is too small for the smallest shirt that T-Shirt Tatsu puts on him. Gintoki finds Kagura and they begin to argue about food, but the next assassin arrives at the same time. The third assassin tricks Gintoki and Kagura by switching the good food for bad food, but Gintoki destroys them.

After the first three harmless assassins, the last two assassins strike. These killers are serious threats, and Gintoki begins to lose the fight against them. However, Sarutobi comes in at the perfect time. She strikes back with a bunch of throwing knives, but she realizes that her new glasses are holding her back. She smashes them and puts on the repaired glasses. However, the assassins keep fighting. Sarutobi’s repaired glasses come with superpowers, and she can shoot laser beams out of them. The assassins are scared of Sarutobi’s new powers, and she destroys them. Gintoki and the others are amazed by the new glasses, but Sarutobi still doesn’t know how to use them properly. She blasts laser beams at everything she sees, which makes the other characters afraid.

In another episode, a strange girl named Chin Pirako searches for the strongest man in the Kabuki District. She asks a bartender who the strongest man is, and he tells her about the “Four Devas” of the district. These four people are Mademoiselle Saigo, Doromizu Jirochou the Gallant, Peacock Princess Kada, and the Empress Otose. Mademoiselle Saigo takes in warriors from the past Joui war. Doromizu Jirochou commands the Yakuza in the district. Peacock Princess Kada has strange and supernatural people on her side. Otose only has a guard dog, but she is a nasty white-haired demon that runs a bar where people solve their problems.

After Chin Pirako learns of the “Four Devas”, she goes to Gintoki and begs to work with him. Gintoki tells her to leave, but she refuses. Chin Pirako joins the Yorozuya, and she gets along with Kagura. The two girls annoy Gintoki, and he gets angry when he has to keep them out of trouble and away from the Yakuza.

Shortly after this, the “Four Devas” hold a secret meeting and they begin to argue about the mysterious girl that has caused unrest. Jirochou and Kada begin to blame Saigo and Otose. However, three of them side against Jirochou and begin blaming him for the mysterious girl. Jirochou tells Kada that her assassins are unqualified and they are the reason for the district’s problems. This makes Kada angry, but Saigo keeps the peace between them. Kada suggests a ceasefire and convinces the rest of the “Four Devas” to stick together against this new threat.

Although the show has different characters and different stories in each episode, it is so light-hearted and full of fun. There are funny fights, big battles between assassins, and constant fights at the Yorozuya. Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura are my favorite characters and turn every episode into a non-stop adventure. It is such a great comedy and action anime.

Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki is the main protagonist of the Gintama series. He’s a talented samurai and fought in the Joui War in the past. His sword skills and crazy white hair make some people think he is a demon. He was nicknamed “Shiroyasha” during the war, which means “white demon”. Out of the trio, Gintoki is the strongest human and can destroy machines and men easily. Although he is strong talented, he is very lazy.

Gintoki is the founder of Yorozuya, a shop that takes any kind of odd jobs. Although he is the boss, Gintoki rarely works and is always behind on his rent. He spends his money on gambling games, which Shinpachi and Kagura scold him for. Although he’s lazy, he will help his friends no matter what.

Gintoki has such a kind soul and is sweeter than most people realize. As a girl, I did not think I would like a violent samurai character, but Gintoki has a secret soft spot for sweets and his loved ones. He is compassionate and wise even though he plays the fool most of the time. It makes sense that he is always surrounded by allies and friends.

Shinpachi Shimura

Shinpachi Shimura is one of the three members of the Yorozuya, and he is perhaps the most normal. While Kagura is an alien and Gintoki is a talented samurai, Shinpachi is the most realistic character. He has black hair and brown eyes, which hide behind his signature glasses. Growing up, Shinpachi and his sister Otae were always together. Otae’s terrible cooking made Shinpachi lose his eyesight, which is why he wears his glasses.

Shinpachi is always teased by Gintoki and bullied by Yagura, but he is still a good friend to them. He is often seen as nerdy and weak, but he is strong and defensive when he needs to be. He is stronger than most swordsmen and really good in hand-to-hand combat, which he often uses when defending the people that he cares about.

Although Shinpachi is seen as the nerdy “loser” character in the series, he never fails to make his friends (and others) laugh. He has soft spots for his family and friends, but he is brave and courageous when it counts. He is such a great representation of comical relief, and he makes me wish I had a younger brother like him.


Kagura is the only girl protagonist and one of the three members of the Yorozuya founded by Gintoki. She is an alien from a faraway planet. In her childhood, her brother and father abandoned her and her mother died from sickness. After she lost her mother, she traveled to Earth in search of a better life.

Although Kagura works with Gintoki and Shinpachi, she is far stronger than them. She is part of the Yato Tribe, which is a group of humanoid aliens that have superhuman strength. Kagura has natural fighting abilities and strength that makes her the strongest of the three protagonists.

Kagura has fiery red hair and bright blue eyes, and her bold hair matches her bold personality. She has a sharp tongue and is never afraid to speak her mind or insult others. She can be naïve at times, but she is very humble and wants to just live a normal “human” life. Kagura desn’t like violence, but she will use violence to solve her problems or to bully Shinpachi and Gintoki.

Kagura is my favorite character because I can relate to a lot of her life. Even though she is fiery and supernatural, she wants to live a humble life and stay close to her friends. She will constantly tease her friends, but she will always defend them if anybody tries to hurt them. She is the perfect strong female protagonist because she knows her worth. She suffered a lot on her home planet, but she is light-hearted and never lets her past define her future.

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