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The beginning of Hellsing Ultimate starts ten years in the past. Integra Hellsing is running from her uncle, Richard Hellsing. He is trying to kill her because he is jealous of Integra becoming the leader of the Hellsing organization. She runs to the basement for safety, but Richard and two of his men follow her and shoot Integra in the shoulder. This awakens Alucard, who kills Richard’s two henchmen. Then Integra kills Richard. This leaves Integra as the last in her bloodline.

The scene then switches to present-day England.  Alucard is called upon to kill some unruly vampires. During the process, a police girl, Seras Victoria, is injured. Rather than let her die, Alucard makes her his vampire servant.

Alucard then has a dream that he will be defeated in the future by Abraham Van Helsing. During this time, Integra holds a conference to discuss the current state of vampire attacks. While the conference is going on, two vampire brothers attack the mansion with their army. They are almost successful, but Alucard, Seras, and Walter C. Dornez are able to win at the last second. It is then discovered that the name of the group which attacked was Millennium which may be led by surviving Nazis.

They decide they need more soldiers to replace all the Hellsing soldiers that were killed in the Millennium attack. Walter recruits a mercenary group known as Wild Geese, led by Pip Bernadotte, to help. Integra finds out from Enrico Maxwell, the leader of Iscariot, that she was correct and Millennium is the Nazis. To find out more information about them, she sends Alucard, Seras, and Pip Bernadotte to Brazil.

When they arrive in Brazil, the crew is attacked by BOPE. BOPE is the Brazilian military police. The officials declare the trio terrorists because they want immortality from Millennium. Alucard kills the BOPE and then has a battle with their leader Tubalcain Alhambra. Alucard is triumphant and receives information about Millennium from Tubacin’s dead body.

Hellsing has a meeting with Iscariot and the Queen of the United Kingdom. The meeting is interrupted when The Major sends a video message declaring war on England. During this time, an important plane carrier, the HMS Eagle, which is carrying Alucard is taken over by Millennium.

Millennium begins attacking London, with Alucard still their prisoner on board. Zorin Blitz begins to go towards Hellsing headquarters with a small group of soldiers. The vampire army in London tries to capture Integra, but they are unsuccessful. Walter is then captured by the Captain. After her escape, Integra is almost cornered by vampires once again. She is saved by a large group of Iscariot priests led there by Alexander Anderson. Alucard is able to regain control of the HMS Eagle using his powers and steers it towards the city of London.

In London, Integra has run into some problems as the Iscariot priests who saved her do not want to let her go home. Bernadotte, Seras, and the rest of the Wild Geese are trying to hold off the attackers in the Hellsing mansion. This is proving to be very difficult. Zorin Blitz has special powers of illusion which makes it easy for her to cause confusion.  Seras discovers a trick to render Zorin’s powers ineffective, giving them the upper hand for a moment. But the battle is far from over. They decide to divide forces, with Seras going one way, and the Wild Geese going the other direction. Seras and Pip kiss, as they each promise the other that they will survive this.

Pip Bernadotte has a flashback to his childhood. He remembers going to his uncle because he is sad about how his classmates see him. His classmates mocked his family because they saw them as nothing more than killers. To his surprise, Pip’s uncle confirms the statement, that his family really is killers, and this upsets Pip. His uncle explains that Pip is from a long line of killers for hire, and that one-day Pip will understand. Pip ends the flashback by saying he did come to learn what his uncle had meant.

The Millennium forces, under the leadership of Zorin Blitz, have overtaken the Hellsing mansion. After most of his men have been killed, Pip calls his remaining men into the conference room to plan one last stand against Zorin’s vampire soldiers. He quickly realizes that some of his fighters didn’t come to the conference room. He then finds that Squad B of the Wild Geese decided to fight to their death to let their boss have time for a conference for the last stand. Pip says a quick goodbye to Squad B as they finish building a barricade.

Pip is struggling to keep his troops thinking positive. Pip explains that they will all die no matter what they do at that point. It is their choice if they die as heroes or cowards. Zorin manages to break through the barricade using a bazooka. This kills most of the remaining Wild Geese and injures Pip. As he lays dying, he gives his troops final orders to use their last rocket against the vampire soldiers. Seras arrives just in time and destroys the troops which were surrounding Pip. Pip is happy to see Seras and makes jokes despite his injuries.

Zorin chooses that minute to attack. She uses Sera’s painful childhood, and the death of her mother, to create a powerful illusion. She is so entrapped in the illusion, Zorin’s men cut off her left arm, stab her in the back, and slice her eyes in two. Zorin tries to deliver the final blow, but is stopped by Pip who clubs her in the face. Pip then picks up Seras to carry her to safety despite her pleading with him to leave her behind. Pip is shot in the stomach multiple times but keeps walking with Seras on his back. Zorin then throws a scythe, causing Pip to fall.

Seras, wounded, crawls over to Pip and they kiss. Pip tells Seras to drink his blood after his death so she can defeat Millennium. Pip dies. Seras feels nothing but rage. More millennium forces have arrived to back Zorin. Seras drinks Pip’s blood, absorbing the power and defeating the reinforcements. She confronts Zorin, who tries to use her illusion powers on Seras, only to find she is blocked in Seras’ mind by an image of Pip. Seras slams Zorin’s head into the wall, killing her. The Wild Geese who were looking on, realize their leader Pip still lives on within Seras and they salute her.

Zorin’s death is reported to the Major, who doesn’t care. Everything he planned is still going as he wants it to. Enrico Maxwell’s forces arrive to attack the remaining Millennium forces. It is discovered that Walter is now allied with the Major. The Iscariot priests tell everyone that Integra is in their custody. Seras manages to defeat the guards who are watching over Integra.

Alucard finally lands in London, asking Integra for his orders. Integra commands him to do whatever possible to destroy their enemies. The armies of Alucard and The Major go to war. Alucard displays his true power, which is that he controls and keep all the souls of all the people he has eaten. He is able to call upon them to rise from the dead to help with the war. After watching a large number of souls come back to life, The Major wants to know how many souls Alucard has consumed. It is then revealed that his true name is Dracula.

Dracula is quickly able to defeat Maxwell’s forces; he engages in a battle with Anderson. Anderson reveals that he has a special weapon, known as Helena’s nail which will turn him into one of God’s monsters. Dracula begs him not to use it, but he does anyway, and the two engage in a battle. Dracula aims for the nail in Anderson’s chest, but when he hits it, vines erupt from the wound. Dracula and all of his souls are engulfed in flames.

Seras comes to her master’s rescue and turns the battle around, enabling Dracula to kill Anderson. Integra and Seras then enter The Major’s ship, Deus ex Machina to try and find the Major. During this time Dracula kills Walter, who had been turned into a vampire. To disguise himself now that his true identity has been revealed, Dracula transforms into a teenage girl.

Onboard the Deus ex Machina, Seras battles the Captain while Integra battles the Major. Integra kills the Major when it is revealed that he is a cyborg. She loses her left eye in the battle. The Deus es Machina is destroyed, ending the war on London.


Integra is originally introduced as the main female protagonist of Hellsing Ultimate.  But there are some episodes she doesn’t have much of a role in at all.

Integra is calm, cool, and collected, and she is able to handle the most difficult situations with ease. She is very patriotic and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the United Kingdom. Although she is fearless, she is often depicted throughout the series as cold and humorless.

It is a bit difficult to feel companionship with Integra because of how she is depicted. Generally, she seems a bit unapproachable, even for the audience.


Alucard is the main male protagonist of the Hellsing Ultimate series. He is quickly revealed throughout the series to be the most powerful vampire alive.

Because he can transform into many forms, Alucard appears in several different looks throughout the show. He fights ferociously, usually only killing his target after they have been severely maimed. Despite this, he does seem to have a soft side which shows when he saves Seras Victoria. The two maintain a father/daughter type relationship throughout the show.

Although Alucard can often be as cold as Integra, he seems a bit more well developed and is easier to become interested in. The audience generally finds him very intriguing. As a villain who has become a good guy, it is easy to cheer for him as the series goes on.

Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria is the second main female protagonist of the Hellsing Ultimate series. In the episodes where Integra takes more of a back seat, Seras is usually more prominent.

Seras is a bit of a tomboy, as she was a police officer when Alucard saved her life. She is strong-willed, brave, and devoted. Although her maturity is oftentimes questioned, Seras proves she is a worthy and intelligent opponent.

It is very easy for the audience to love Seras. She always seems to act out of kindness, never putting herself first. I think it is much easier to relate to Seras as a character than Integra which may be by design, or a bit of a flaw in the series.


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