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Holo no Graffiti or HoloGra is an animator comedy short that comes out weekly on the Hololive Youtube channel. Every Sunday, a new episode features the Hololive members in different scenarios. Each episode contains references to various internet memes and pop-culture references.

The series started on April 29, 2019, and is currently at 91 episodes.

Cover Corp

Cover Corp is the agency of Virtual Youtubers that created Holo no Graffiti. They are responsible for the advanced 2D animation that is the signature to this series. They utilize different technologies, including VR, AR, and 5G. They frequently develop VR/AR live distribution systems and AR apps.

While they are responsible for all of the characters and the production of Holo no Graffiti, they also made Miko no Tsutome! After the success of Miko no Tsutome! They started the production of Holo no Graffiti under the same brand, HoloAnime.

Their unique animation style and their nack to make short, and funny comedy shorts make them stand out as they are quickly building a strong, loyal audience. As of November 2019, they already had 3 million subscribers across their popular channels, including Youtube and bilibili.

Four of their VTubers earned spots in the top 10 of VTubers on bilbili. Shirakami Fubuki came in the 2nd spot. Minato Aqua came in 5th. Natsuiro Matsuri in 7th. And, last but not least, Akai Haato in the 9th spot.

Hololive Members

There are multiple generations of different VTubers under the Hololive umbrella. The first official characters came out in 2017 and aren’t considered to be in a generation at all. The first official generation started coming out in early 2018, a couple of weeks before the rest of the characters were fully released. There are a total of 5 official generations of Hololive VTubers and one group of GAMERS. We will be going over the first three generations as they are the most popular and have the most time for their characters to develop.

Hololive Non-Generation Members

The Hololive members that are referred to as 0 generation are the original characters of Hololive. They have had some of the longest time to develop since they’re released in 2000.

Tokino Sora

Tokino Sora is a female Japanese Virtual Youtuber. She is the founding member of Hololive and was introduced to the world before the other generations were established.

Born on May 15, 2000, she is a happy and easy-going person. She’s earned the nickname of Tokino Sora Mama because of her caring, motherly attitude. Compared to some of the other members, she follows the image of what a proper idol should be.

Sora has a soft spot for horror games and isn’t one to jump quickly at jump scares and tense moments. She frequently live streams for her fans and loves Rhythm games.

In addition, she also has music and dance talents that allow her to collaborate with other VTubers. She even went so far as to release her own debut album and has made several covers. Her dreams include hosting a concert at Yokohama Arena.


Roboco or Robogirl is the second member of Hololive. She loves to pose and has been programmed with killer instincts. While she’s a great shot in real life, she misses more often in video games. But while she may miss the shot, she will enjoy the opportunity to run them over. Perhaps because of her robotic nature, she doesn’t like it when games try to surprise her. Despite being a cold-blooded killer, her voice is calm and soft, almost a whisper.

Sakuro Miko

Miko is another one of the founding members of Hololive. She is a self-proclaimed elite gamer. Perhaps unsurprising, she is melodramatic and becomes easily attached to inanimate objects and NPCs. Fans question her title of an elite gamer because she has questionable decision-making skills and tends to speak in a garbled mess, closely followed by F-bombs.

Miko specializes in role-playing games even though she rarely takes the character’s role seriously while playing. She also has a love for erotic games and enjoys messing with camera angles in other games to see if she can catch a peek up character’s skirts.

Hoshimachi Suisei

Suisei also debuted as a member of Hololive before the first generation came out, and she is considered part of the Hololive 0th Gen along with Tokino Sora, Roboco, Sakura Miko, and AZKi.

Compared to her other counterparts, Suisei is more modest. She is also a singer and an aspiring idol. After her performance as a traitor in a game called Project Winter, she earned herself a reputation for being a remorseless sociopath. Suisei hasn’t made much of a comment on this new nickname, although she does think the entire event is funny.


AZKi is the final member of the Hololive 0th gen. Unlike her other generation members, AZKi does a lot of ego-searching and browses the Internet. She enjoys singing and considers herself a persistent person.

AZKi is a diva in the virtual world and isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Hololive 1st Generation Characters

The first generation of Hololive members to officially come out are all focused on around different games and activities, like singing and dancing. While each character has different traits that make her unique, this group seems to focus on horror games and singing the most.

Yozora Mel

Yozora Mel is a calm, caring, and sweet individual. She has a calm voice and demeanor which makes her relaxing to watch. She rarely shots at unexpected events. She does however, have a lewd streak. Her ASMR streams are her fan’s favorites and help add to that reputation.

She likes to hold talking streams that allow her to interact with her fans and friends. She is particularly fond of the people who helped to support her during her hiatus, during which she had been facing some serious harassment.

Aki Rosenthal

Ski is a half-elf, half-siren from another dimension. When she first joined Hololive, she only had access to a phone and used Mirrativ for her debut stream. Her most distinctive trait is her floating twintails, which connect her to another dimension.

Aki is usually calm and relaxed during her streams, although she is jumpy when it comes to horror games. She comes off as clumsy due to her bad luck and poor direction-taking abilities. She seems to have masochistic tendencies. She loves to cook, to drink alcohol or sake, and loves playing the drums.

Natsuio Matsuri

Matsuri translates to Festival, which suits this lively and cheerful Hololive 1st generation member. She enjoys playing simulation, mobile, and shooting games. She is not good at horror games.

While she generally has a very caring personality, she can also come off as energetic and chaotic. Despite all this, she is frequently referred to as being reliable and is someone that new members look up to.

Shirakami Fubuki

Fubuki is the fox girl of the Hololive 1st generation members and the leader of the Hololive GAMERS. She has also been titled “Queen of the Memes” by her fans because of the frequently short-skit videos that she posts on Youtube and Twitter.

She isn’t very good at first-person shooter games and isn’t’ the best driver in auto games either. But she does enjoy streaming horror games.

Akai Haato

Akai translates to red, and Haato is the Japanese word for the heart, so Haato is usually surrounded by these two elements. She isn’t a horror game player and is actually quite easy to scare. She can be very serious and emotional with her fans and isn’t’ afraid to be vulnerable about her problems and feelings.

Haato can be considered self-centered and enjoys playing a character that is easily bored.

Hololive 2nd Generation Members

Hololive members became a little more diverse when they introduced the 2nd generation. The Hololive 2nd generation members are all different creatures with only one being counted as a human. The second generation also seemed to be packed with a little more sex appeal and with characters that are typically described as masochistic. While this makes the characters more fun to see and experience, they can be a little annoying when thinking about what women actually are and how they feel and act.

Minato Aqua

Aqua is a marine maid, debuting in her 3D swimsuit model in August of 2019. She’s a bit of an airhead who also likes to prank her friends but somehow ends up being the target of the jokes. She was one purely innocent but is now a bit childish and can end up in some pretty embarrassing situations.

Murasaki Shion

Murasaki Shion has always had a friendly rivalry with Minato Aqua. Shion is a black magician. She can be very smug but is also extremely caring. She’s talkative and headstrong.

Nakiri Ayame

Nakiri, unlike some of the other characters released in this generation, is very gifted with her games. She’s perhaps the best builder in Minecraft of all the characters in Hololive. She’s also good in first person shooter games and in Apex legends. Ayame is calm and has an easy-going demeanor. She can be clumsy and forgetful at times.

Ayame is an Oni, which comes from Japanese folklore. They are renowned for being evil and brutal but Ayame is one of the kindest and caring members in Hololive.

Yuzuki Choco

Yuzuki Choco is the local school nurse demon. She comes from the Demonic-Realm Academy and is in fact not a succubus. Choco can give off a strong, mature charm but can act completely spoiled at other times. She is seen as a motherly figure and as a full-grown adult. She enjoys cooking and taking care of the other Hololive members.

Oozora Subaru

Oozora Subaru is a MMA and e-sports club manager. She has a tomboyish nature and is often called a comedian. She has no problem talking and making friends with others. Subaru is easygoing, optimistic, and has a ton of energy.

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