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Hunter x Hunter Review by Anime Girl

Gon Freecss is a young boy who lives in the fishing community of Whale Island where he and his cousin are the only kids. Gon is a unique child who has been told throughout his life that his father died in an accident when he was younger.

One day while playing in the Snakebeech Forest on Whale Island, Gon encounters a Foxbear, which is a combination of a bear and a fox. Gon soon learns he has come between a Foxbear youth and it’s mother. The mother is now ready to defend her baby against Gon.

A nearby squirrel helps warn a local that Gon is in trouble and finds Kite, a short slender man, to help Gon fight the bear. Kite kills the bear and treats Gon for injuries. Gon wishes to keep the young bear, but is told not to by Kite because the young bear will not like humans.

After telling Kite his name, Kite asks Gon if his father was named Ging. When Gon confirms his father’s name, he learns from Kite that his father is not dead. His father is instead a professional Hunter. Hunter’s are people with rare abilities. Hunters are best known for their special abilities to find and track rare or unknown animals, hunt down treasures. They are also known for exploring unexplored lands and hunting down lawbreakers.

Kite knows this information because he was mentored by Gon’s father, Ging and Ging’s Hunter test was the most difficult in the world – finding Ging.

Gon is now motivated to leave the only home he’s known in Whale Island and go become a Hunter. This is no easy task as many thousands of people take the Hunter Exam every year, and many fail, with many not coming back alive. The Hunter Exam itself is very complicated, with the actual location of the test unknown. The eligible Hunters must find a special navigator to find the actual location.

While few pass the exams physical and mental tests, the benefits of becoming a Hunter are enormous. They receive first-class access to all public services and easy access to places where most people cannot go.

Hunters get in less trouble for killing. Some of their tasks involve hunting people anyway. Hunters can also sell their licenses for lots of money. The person purchasing the license gets some of the benefits.

While preparing for the Hunter Exam, Ging meets several friends. Among them is Kurapika, who is out to avenge his family the Phantom Troupe murdered with an artifact stolen from them.

Another friend, Leorio, wants to be a physician but needs the money from becoming a Hunter to pay for medical school. The group passes some phases of the Hunter Exam together.

The group meets a Kung fu master named Wing. Wing begins to train them in one of the final abilities needed to completely pass the Hunter Exam, called Nen. Nen enhances parapsychologoical abilities, or the ability to see into the future and move objects with one’s mind.

The group finds a very rare and expensive, out of print video game called Greed Island. Greed Island is an unusual game that uses the Nen abilities they have learned. Based on some hints in the game, they learn that the location is real. They also learn that Ging himself created the game.

With help of Kung Fu master, Biscuit, the group manage to beat the game. Gon finds access to artifacts from the game to help him find his father. Gon and Killua venture to find Gon’s father, but find Kite instead.

Rather than finding Ging, they end up transported to the Neo-Green Life Autonomous Zone. Here they encounter a giant insect capable of eating other insects and people. When the insect eats others, it inherits their powers and abilities. They have eaten Hunters and developed Nen abilities. They soon overcome the island’s population. The insects, Chimera Ants, are very dangerous and need quarantining.

The Hunter’s Association sends their most powerful hunters to the Autonomous Zone. They need to defend their eaten hunters and restore the island. First, the chairman of the Hunter’s Association needs to defeat and kill Mureum, their king. He has learned that Mureum is plotting to overthrow a nearby island and subdue mankind. The chairman does kill him with a poisoned bomb, but poisons himself in the process. Gon also fits an Ant that killed Kite and finds himself winning but in bad shape in the hospital. Gon expresses great despair at the death of Kite, who his father trained.

When the situation resolved, the chairman’s son assembles an expedition to the Dark Continent. The vast forbidden area is unknown to most. The Zodiac’s come with his son to ensure he doesn’t do anything unexpected. All the world’s powers also help with the expedition with interest to know of the continent.

The Phantom Troupe infiltrates the voyage. Hisoka, who Chrollo nearly killed, decides to hunt down all members of the Phantom Troupe in revenge. He seemingly succeeds, ending the power of a group that held many in fear.

Gon does find his father later in the story. The meeting isn’t emotional, epic or very suspenseful. Ging meets Gong at a meeting for professional hunters in Episode 146. In the process, Gon tells Gin what happened to Kite. Ging seems flustered by meeting his son and is heavily criticized by people at the group for being a poor parent.

The meeting concludes with a new election and the story ultimately ends with Gon having some hope of connecting with his father again. The series does end without knowing what happens to Gon or Ging, as Ging seems more focused on being a hunter. Ging asks Go to apologize to Kite for his death rather than apologizing to Ging.

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit is the young lady who held Gon and the Hunter’s group get through the Greed Island game. In her regular form, Biscuit resembles porcelaine doll. She often wears a dress with a sleeveless bloomer and a skirt. Biscuit dislikes her initial appearance but uses it to make her opponents underestimate her.

In her true form, Biscuit is very muscular and ties her hair up.

Biscuit is a bit devious. Her true intentions were to destroy the friendship between Killua and Gon for fun when she was initially refused into their group. She instead helps them through the game and begins acting like a parent toward them.

Since she acts like a parent, she doesn’t like jokes about her true age and fights Kurapika for bringing it up.

Biscuit also loves compliments about her appearance, especially in her smaller form. Her true form does not match her ideal feminine style and she dislikes her appearance while strong.

Biscuit’s fighting style is strict. She fights only for true combat reasons and is willing to take another life for the right cause. Otherwise, she doesn’t want to fight or kill outside of purposeful combat. Biscuit’s greatest issue with fighting is that she is a teacher. She pushes her student very hard. She gets upset when she sees that her students are not using their talents the best way possible.

She also does not like suppression. Biscuit offers to buy medicine when a village becomes ill. Killua tells her to be silent about her offer and Biscuit becomes very upset.

Biscuit is ultimately a helper with shades of sensitivity and being a bit self conscience. She does not like being held back from doing good.

Machi Komacine

Machi is a female member of the infamous Phantom Troupe. The Troupe consists of thieves with big bounties for their capture. Machi dresses somewhat feminine. She wears cycling like short and a short sleeved robe. She has roughly the style of a female ninja.

Machi feels cold to many. She rarely displays emotion and remains straight faced in most situations. Machi does have a soft side. She has helped others grieve and mourn while watching over the grave of a fellow Troupe member. Macho is also loyal to the leader of the Troupe and defends him at all costs.

Machi can help heal too. She used her Nen abilities to heal a fellow fighter after he received serious wounds. She also called him an idiot for taking too much damage. Macho wears sewing needles on a pin cushion she attached to her wrist in case someone needs stitches.

Machi become part of the Troupe through her supernatural human strengths. She has a sixth sense for important happenings and dangers. She is also very stealthy and agile. She is good at sneaking up on people with valuables or enemies.

Oito Hui Gou Rou

Oito is the eight queen of the Kakin Empire. She admits to being superficial as the queen’s wife, She is young with dark, wavy hair and light fair skin.

Oito wanted a life of luxury after becoming King Nasubi’s wife. Later, her daughter Woble came into her life and she changed dramatically. Her daughter became the most important part of her life.

Oito is very smart. She tricked Kurapika into thinking she was Halkenburg. She came from an impoverished family, then met the King and fell in love.

Oito is the lowest of the wives, but still has moderate political and economic power. She is a good strategist in sharing information and making alliances too. She is quick witted and passed herself as a Halkenburg in an attempt to hire people. Oito also has Nen abilities after being exposed to Kurapika’s Nen abilities.

Oito is intertwined with the battle for succession within the Kakin royal family. She is not above using blackmail to expose the secrets of their barbaric battle for kingship. She also attempts to bribe Kurapika to help her escape a boat voyage and keep her secret.

Hunter x Hunter has a unique combination of female characters. They are known for their skills in battle and sensitivity.

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