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In the beginning, Nanami Momozono is a high school girl who wishes for a normal life. Nanami’s dad is a gambler and has many debts in Nanami’s name. Then her dad disappears one night, and Nanami must try to pay the bills for herself. She is unable to do so, and her house is taken away from her.

Nanami is living on the streets when she rescues a man from a dog. The man’s name is Mikage, and he is so thankful he invites Nanami to live with him. Nanami discovers that Mikage is a land god and that because he placed a mark on her, she is now a god too.

Nanami moves into Mikage’s shrine, living with a yokai named Tomoe. Tomoe is unhappy, so he leaves. Nanami follows him and makes Tomoe her familiar so that he will have to stay.

The next day, Tomoe encourages Nanami to increase her power, but she doesn’t know how. She goes to school where another boy Kurama asks her to go away. It is then revealed Kurama is a crow tengu who wants to eat Nanami. If he eats Nanami, he will be able to become a god himself. Throughout the series, Kurama is often showing up to cause trouble for Nanami.

Back at school, Nanami saves a white snake from being tortured by other students. The snake leaves a mark on her arm indicating he plans to kidnap and marry Nanami. Tomoe doesn’t want this to happen, so he starts to attend school with Nanami. But he makes a mistake one day, and the snake is able to kidnap Nanami while he is in his human form. He tries to force Nanami to marry him but is stopped when Tomoe shows up just in time. Nanami takes pity on the lonely familiar, who it turns out is named Mizuki, and she promises to visit him later.

One day, Nanami is too sick to go to school, so Tomoe goes in her place. While he is there, the monster world opens up and he must act fast to save a classmate from a yokai. Back at home, Mizuki visits Nanami and tells her not to trust Tomoe. Mizuki believes that Tomoe will try to kill Nanami in her sleep. She doesn’t believe him, so Mizuki uses incense to show Nanami the past.

During this time, Tomoe has become quite popular in school. All the girls really like him. One day, a girl asks Nanami not to go home with Tomoe so she can. Nanami agrees but this angers Tomoe. Tomoe confronts Nanami and says she is his first priority. This leads to some confusing feelings for Nanami as she isn’t sure how she feels about Tomoe.

Tomoe asks Nanami if she loves him, and she avoids the question. Tomoe tells her she isn’t thinking clearly, and accidentally drops her off a building. Angry, Nanami refuses Tomoe’s help and rescues herself. Later, Nanami realizes she is indeed falling in love with Tomoe. She tells him this, but he only rejects her.

Because of the rejection, Nanami is too sad to eat. She makes plans to go to the beach with her friend Ami the next day. Tomoe tries to tell her not to go, but it doesn’t work. Instead, he comes along, but he cannot touch the water. Ami, who cannot swim, begins to drown. Nanami begs Tomoe to save her, and he does, but this angers the Dragon King whom Tomoe had issues with previously.

The Dragon King takes Tomoe and imprisons him in a giant clam and Nanami begs for him back. The Dragon King says she can only have him back if she finds the dragon’s eye, which is an elixir. She agrees and goes to Mizuki for help. He is upset at her devotion to Tomoe but agrees. They discover that in the past, Tomoe had given the eye to a girl named Yukiji in order to heal her. She learns that the dragon’s eye is now inside her.

Nanami finds someone named Isohime, who agrees to remove the dragon’s eye from her in return for 30 years of her life. Nanami agrees despite protests from Mizuki. Mizuki wants to help so he makes himself Nanami’s familiar by kissing her while she was sleeping. The pair then head to the Dragon King’s Palace to rescue Tomoe. On the way, they meet a woman who is moved by Nanami’s and Mizuki’s kindness in helping her find a lost item.

When they arrive at the palace, the Dragon King and Tomoe are locked in a battle. The woman on the train turns out to be the Dragon King’s wife and she demands Tomoe be released. He complies. It is discovered that both Mizuki and Tomoe are now Nanami’s familiars.

Tomoe has a flashback, revealing that the reason he became a familiar was because of a human woman he loved named Yukiji. But when he became a familiar for Mikage, his memory had been erased.

Nanami has now admitted that she loves Tomoe. But he says he doesn’t love her back, so she agrees to go to a school dance with another boy. Mizuki and Tomoe decide to go along to spy on Nanami. While Nanami and the boy are talking on a bench, it begins to get romantic. Tomoe puts a stop to it by kicking the bench and scaring the boy. Nanami and Tomoe argue as Nanami accuses him of being jealous. Tomoe denies it saying he was just irritated.

Nanami decides to hold a festival to change people’s opinion of her shrine. Tomoe thinks it is a bad idea, but Mizuki helps clean the shrine for the party. Tomoe helps Nanami into her festival kimono, complimenting her once she has it on. During the festival, Nanami is asked to go to her room and stay there. Later Tomoe senses that something is wrong and goes to find Nanami is no longer in her room.

Tomoe and Mizuki search high and low for Nanami, but eventually, she decides to return on her own. She completes the required dance in her kimono. Afterward, Tomoe asks to kiss her to re-seal his job as a familiar. Nanami denies him, but he kisses her anyway.

Nanami goes on a journey to the Divine Assembly to find out more information about Mikage. Tomoe doesn’t like this, especially because Nanami invited Mizuki and not him. He was right to be worried as Nanami becomes lost in the Netherworld. Tomoe leaves to save her. He does rescue her, but only by breaking their contract. This leads to Tomoe being imprisoned.

Nanami goes to the prison to rescue him but finds Tomoe doesn’t want to be her familiar anymore. She accepts this and leaves. Later, he changes his mind and becomes Nanami’s familiar again, and is released from prison. He returns to the shrine and kisses Nanami in her sleep to renew their contract.

Nanami finds herself involved in a Tengu child rebellion, working to overthrow the evil Jiro, as her feelings for Tomoe continue to blossom. She learns to harness her powers, and give them to a tengu child so he can enter Mount Kurama. While the child is at the gates, Nanami sneaks in to deliver medicine to the child’s father.

Tomoe now realizes his love for Nanami and confesses his feelings. The two go to visit the year god together, and Tomoe proposes to Nanami. He expresses his desire to become human so that he will not have to continue to live after Nanami dies.

The timeline then fast forwards to ten years into the future where Tomoe is human and is working a job he enjoys. He must then return to the shrine where it is revealed that Nanami is giving birth to their son.

Nanami Momozono

Nanami is the female protagonist of Kamisama Kajimemashita. She starts the series as a regular high school student who finds herself transformed into a god.

Nanami often doesn’t think before she acts, but she almost always acts in kindness. This leads to a lot of sticky situations that Tomoe must rescue her from. She has a very simple mindset and sometimes struggles to balance schoolwork with being a god. Her main defense against evil is white talismans which she can use to create barriers against evil. She is pure at heart, always loving Tomoe even when he doesn’t love her back at the beginning of the series.

Nanami is definitely a favorite, and the audience will find themselves cheering her along. I found her very loveable and was right there with her as she revealed her feelings to Tomoe. I think Nanami is well portrayed so that the audience feels her feelings and remains engaged.


Tomoe is the male protagonist of Kamisama Hajimemashita. He was a fox yokai until Nanami turned him into her familiar.

Tomoe is cynical, distrustful, and sometimes hostile. Although he often treats Nanami as a child, it is clear that he loves her as he always treats her with kindness. His power is restricted by Nanami, but he can hunt down foe and manipulate fire. Tomoe is always worrying, especially about Nanami. He constantly has to rescue her from the situations she gets into.

At the beginning of the series, Tomoe is not very kind to humans. He undergoes a massive transformation in the series which leads to him actually wanting to become human in the end. The entire transformation can be attributed to his discovered love for Nanami.

Tomoe’s journey is quite impressive. The audience view of Tomoe does change as he changes, and I think this added a very important concept to the plot. This helped the audience to feel more empathetic with Nanami rather than focusing on Tomoe and his journey.


Mikage is a land god who turns Nanami into a god after she saves him one night.

Mikage is often depicted as being mysterious and his motives are often not known. It often seems as if he is trying to push Nanami and Tomoe together. He can appear in many forms, including a butterfly, which often helps Nanami. It is later revealed that Mikage turned Nanami into a god based on her previous demands in a past life.

Mikage was generally un-relatable through the series. But I believe this was by design, as he was meant to feel far off and shadowy.


Mizuki starts the series as a lost and lonely snake familiar in an abandoned shrine. He is later rescued by Nanami and tries to marry her. When this fails, he works to become her familiar instead.

Mizuki is very manipulative, often convincing Nanami to do things that specifically anger Tomoe. It is a constant theme that Mizuki does not like Tomoe. He is devoted though, and sad that his own god, Yonomori, disappeared due to lack of belief.  Throughout the series, it seems as if Mizuki is also in love with Nanami. Later it is revealed that he only loves Nanami because Tomoe does.

After Nanami and Tomoe are married, Mizuki remains at the Mikage shrine.

Mizuki, although he starts the series as a foe, transforms to become loved by the characters and audience alike. I found Mizuki to be very redeeming and actually cared to see what happened to him in the end. I think he transformed quite a bit, but not as much when compared to Tomoe.

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