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Stein’s Gate Review by Anime Girl

Stein’s Gate, the anime series, is based on the manga of the same name. Set in 2010 in Akihabara, Tokyo, the series follows a self-proclaimed mad scientist called Rintaro Okabe. Rintaro runs the “Future Gadget Laboratory” with his friends, Mayuri Shiina and Itaru “Daru” Hashida, out of their apartment.

One day, while attending a time travel conference, Okabe finds the body of Kurisu Makise, a neuroscience researcher. In a panic, he texts Daru to let him know. Later, he discovers that the message he sent to Daru had actually arrived to him before Okabe ever sent it. Weirder yet, Kurisu is still very much alive.

The cellphone operated microwave oven they are making in their laboratory can send text messages back in time. The undead Kurisu joins them in investigating what is going on with their seemingly enchanted microwave oven. They refer to the time-traveling text messages as “D-mails” and send them in the hopes of changing the present.

Eventually, Kurisu finds a way to send memories through the microwave oven back in time; this allows the user to time travel instead of just sending messages back.

SERN is an organization that is secretly researching time travel and searching for a time-traveling method. They discover the time-traveling microwave that Okabe and crew have been working on. They send people to try to get the time-traveling microwave but end up killing Mayuri in the process.

Distraught and confused as to what he can do, Okabe tries to go back in time multiples times to prevent Mayuri’s death. However, he is unsuccessful each time. Through trial and error and further research, Okabe knows that the only way to save Mayuri would be to go back in time until all of the D-mails that they have sent have been reversed. He realizes that this would mean that Kurisu would be dead now.

Okabe and Kurisu have a heart to heart in which they revealed their feelings for each other. Kurisu tells Okabe to save Mayuri. Daru is able to hack into SERN’s database. Once in there, he is able to delete the records of the D-mails, returning them all to their original timeline.

Not long after that, Suzuha Amane, Daru’s future daughter, shows up in her own time machine. She tells Okabe that there is a time-travel arms race that eventually leads to World War III in the future. She explains that the only way to prevent it from happening is to stop Kurisu’s father, Nakabachi, her killing her and stealing her precious theories on time travel.

Hurriedly, Suzuha and Okabe travel further back in time. Much to his horror, he finds that he accidentally kills Kurisu himself. When he returns to the present, devastated at what he caused, he receives a message from his future self telling him that he must escape the current timeline he has created for himself. He explains that he must go back in time and save Kurisu while also recreating the dead Kurisu scene that he had seen years earlier in the original timeline before everything else happened.

Okabe travels back in time. He provokes Nakabachi to stab him instead and knocks Kurisu unconscious. He puts her in the pool of his own blood so that his past self will see her and think she’s dead. Kurisu is able to go on living, and World War III is effectively prevented from happening.

Episode Breakdown

The Stein’s Gate is based on the manga under the same title produced by White Fox and directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki. The series originally aired in Japan in 2011. The entire series expands over a total of 24 episodes that leaves the viewer wanting more adventure, although the series ends in a satisfying way.

The series brings real-life science into a gripping tale that will leave you binging the entire series to find out what happens next. Some of these theories include the black hole theory, the light speed theory, and the tachyon theory. All of these contribute to how time machines work and how they can compress human memory into data that can be transferred over time. I like how they tie these terms into the technology in the series and their episodes’ names.

1. Prologue of the Beginning and the End

Rintarou Okabe finds himself in an unusual and unfortunate series of events that he is the sole witness to. With the help of his friend Mayuri Shiina and a hacker called Itaru Hashida, he reopens a device that is inching closer and closer to being a real time machine.

2. Time Travel Paranoia

The girl that Okabe saw murdered isn’t just alive – she’s also insanely smart. The name John Titor sets Okabe off while a weird experiment exhibits some amazingly bizarre results.

3. Parallel Process Paranoia

Okabe and Hashida, with the help of Kurisu, attempt to recreate the strange event that occurred the day before. After discovering that his machine shares a link to the mysterious corporation know as SERN, Okabe races against time to discover SERN’s agenda.

4. Interpreter Rendezvous

Okabe tries to crack the secret codes of SERN  stops when Hashida, the hacker, finds a wall of strange code. They know they need an IBN5100 computer to crack the code, which Okabe leaves to find it. Okabe finds it, but not anywhere he ever thought he would.

5. Starmine Rendezvous

IBN5100 required some late-night modifications, but now Okabe and the team discover the truth behind SERN’s failed attempts to time travel.

6. Butterfly Effect’s Divergence

Kurisu is able to decipher the rules of the microwave time machine. It can now produce what the team calls D-Mail, which are text messages that can be sent into the past. Okabe adds a new member to the Future Gadget Lab, although a little reluctantly.

7. Divergence Singularity

The microwave time machine undergoes a major update. The Future Gadget is showing off its accuracy when it can successfully predict a lottery’s outcome from the past by using clues from the future. Okabe also realizes he can now retain memories after changing world lines as a result of changing something in the past.

8. Chaos Theory Homeostasis I

One of their new experiments leads to the disappearance of one of their own team members. They turn their attention on making a young boy’s dreams come true using their microwave time machine.

9. Chaos Theory Homeostasis II

Okabe is beginning to grow concerned over the unintended consequences of their experiments. After one such experiment, they find that the IBN5100 has completely disappeared from the lab. They must turn to Feyris, part cat and part professional Rai-Net Battler to find it again.

10. Chaos Theory Homeostasis III

The ‘part-time-warrior’ that lives below them tells Okabe about her missing father. However, he has other things on his mind after they receive a mysterious text messaging saying that his enemies are paying attention to his every move.

11. Dogma in Event Horizon

The team is ready to send human memories through the time leap, but Okabe is worried that Kurisu might be a SERN spy all along!

12. Dogma in Ergosphere

Kurisu and Suzuha show up at the leap celebration party as tension begins to build amongst the lab team. As the celebration comes to an end, armed men arrive and demand the time machine.

13. Metaphysics Necrosis

Okabe, in a desperate attempt to try to prevent the tragedy of the night before, is ready to make the daring time leap. Can he save his friend?

14. Physically Necrosis

After multiple attempts, Okabe is still unable to save Mayuri. He goes to Kurisu to help him solve the troubles with time travel. Suzuha’s real identity is revealed.

15. Missing Link Necrosis

Suzuha explains to the team what lies in the year 2036. The team immediately starts to work together to prevent SERN from rising to power and to help her find her father.

16. Sacrificial Necrosis

The Time machine is repaired by Daru. Suzuha is able to learn the truth of her father’s disappearance and then leaves to go back to 1975 to try one more thing to prevent future events from happening.

17. Made in Complex

Kurisu and Okabe realize that they are going to need the IBN5100 if they are to save Mayuri. To find it, they must now erase every D-Mail they have ever sent. Feyris first!

18. Fractal Androgynous

Ruka is next! But before she is ready to give up her femininity, she wants Okabe to be her boyfriend for an entire day.

19. Endless Apoptosis

Okabe must now erase the most challenging D-Mails of all. Moeka is the last one standing in his way of saving Mayuri.

20. Finalize Apoptosis

Frustrated, Okabe finds himself in familiar territory. After everything he has undergone to save Mayuri and to return to their original timeline, he must return to the beginning. Is he ready to handle the truth of those he is closest with?

21. Paradox Meltdown

Okabe tries everything he can think of to save Mayuri, but he ends up watching him die yet again. Not only does he have to watch his death again, but he must also now choose between two of his laboratory partners on who must die and who must live.

22. Being Meltdown

Kurisu and Okabe must now say goodbye before they were even allowed to enjoy their newfound love fully. Will they get a chance to finally express how they feel before it becomes too late forever?

23. Open the Steins Gate

You know when it’s important when the series title is dropped into the name of an episode. In episode 23 there is an entirely unexpected turn of events. A character from the past returns in their own time machine to warn Okabe and give him a mission to stop World War III from occurring.

24. The Prologue Begins With the End

Okabe has one more chance to travel back in time and set everything right – including saving his love interest. Will he be able to face a hardy sacrifice head on to save everything he holds dear?

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